Just Fruit

We believe the simple things are the ones making life a little bit more complete.

Our healthy snacks are made of pure fruit, and simple and real ingredients.

Harvested in Nature

It all starts with a choice over the ripest and best quality fruit.

Sliced and Dehydrated

Then, we carefully slice the fruit before it goes through a partial dehydration process.

Tropical fruit everywhere

Our snacks are an easy and healthy choice to eat anywhere


Truppi as a brand with an outlined strategy doesn’t have an exact beginning, as it emerged in a natural and organic way out of the will of three people with different life stories, but who united over a strong friendship and a common passion for South America.


For professional reasons, Mário emigrated to South America after having lived in several different countries. Passionate about fruit, he was fascinated by the local markets and the colours, textures and flavours of tropical fruits. He confessed that there were days when all he ate was fruit. As he always suffered from digestive problems, Mário found a significant improvement in his health. During specialized medical appointments, doctors confirmed the benefits of his fruit consumption, which further increased his interest.

A Family

Mario’s childhood friend, Paulo was looking for a deeper meaning in life, which he found in Latin America, where he has been living for over a decade.

Today, he completely identifies with the culture and the people who welcomed him. He collaborates with different organizations and does social work, where he tries to improve the living conditions of the local communities, especially disadvantaged children and young people.

After years of working in management and renewable energies with companies in South America, to where he travelled frequently, Gilberto was also looking for a new direction in life. He believes that today more than ever, there has to be a conscious way of exploiting natural resources. And thus, he tried to find a new and original project, where a focus on the sustainability of natural resources was a priority.

Non-industrial and Natural Preservation Process

“The idea to market tropical fruit in Portugal came to life after Mário went to visit a local tropical fruit producer, who showed him the entire non-industrial process of natural preservation. Since then, and until Paulo and Gilberto joined the project and created Truppi, time hasn’t stopped!”

“The history of Truppi may not be conventional, but it is tropical at best! Truppi was born from a mix of different lives and the warm and coloured nature of both the people and way of life in South America. Our goal is to bring the tropical flavours to everyone, whilst promoting both physical and mental health, and actively seeking to participate in building a more socially and environmentally sustainable economy.”

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